The control, usefulness, ease of use, enjoyment,

The most important implication for
practitioners in retailing is establishing SSTs as this is the efficient way to
meet customers’ expectations and satisfy them. As it was indicated in the literature
review, Millennials (Generation Y) have certain parameters that determine the
level of their expectations while using SSTs in retailing (, 2015). Future research could also find out which
parameters are considered as valuable in retailing for other generations (Generation
X, Z). Moreover, it would be interesting to know whether consumers prefer to
replace traditional cash registers with human interaction in retailing with
self-service technologies completely or not.  

Based on the findings, recommendations for
practitioners who use or are going to use SSTs in retailing were developed.
Firstly, SST should be presented in such a way that their most significant
characteristics are perceived by consumers and evaluated positively, such as
characteristics of technologies as relative advantage, compatibility,
complexity, observability and trialability. Secondly, SSTs’ acceptance can be
achieved through certain measures such as perceived control, usefulness,
ease of use, enjoyment, and novelty, which will promote the positive development
of emotional background and activate consumer behavior towards SSTs. The use of self-service technologies brings a number of
advantages either for consumers or for marketers. That is why retailing
enterprises should establish self-service technologies.

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The understanding of what customers’ needs and expectations are based on
can help to marketers to establish features that are considered as the most
attractive for customers in terms of their satisfaction. This study found out
that in today’s
world establishing self-service technologies in retailing enterprises may
significantly increase the level of customers’ satisfaction and attract clients.
As has been found, there are a number of factors, which influence customer
satisfaction in the retailing industry while using SSTs. They are equal
conditions while using SST, quality of the service, queue absence (that is
referred to the time saving), privacy of transactions, and the absence of
cashiers. In addition, perceived control, usefulness, ease of use, enjoyment,
and novelty of SSTs are also considered as the key parameters that attract
customers in retailing and increase the level of their satisfaction. As
indicated by foregoing summary, the findings of this study can be useful in
helping SST’s practitioners to obtain a better understanding of customers’
expectations towards SST use that afterward influence their satisfaction.


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