“The addicted on gambling, but over the

“The architects of gambling environments have
become masters at utilizing this chemical cycle in our brain — to the extent
that gamblers really don’t welcome anything which disrupts it, because it takes
them out of their “zone” “Gambling addiction: Enter the ‘zone’ where winning is a
distraction”)! In Charles
Duhigg’s book, The Power of Habit, says that Bachmann started playing
with small amount of money, but over the time she starts to play with lots of
money. Casino is the best place to get happy, Bachmann said. She became addicted
to gambling over the time, so gambling harmed her.  In Craig Nakken’s book The Addictive
Personality, says that being addictive is such a habit. Gambling is
like a habit that control the brain. People choose to be addicted, so it is a routine
that control the brain.  In Rich
Suwansk’s article, Gambling becomes addiction when one ‘has to
gamble, says that Anonymous at age 12, he wasn’t addicted on gambling,
but over the time he becomes addicted on gambling. He starts to play with few
money, and he end up losing lots of money. He wasn’t addicted, but after 20
years he becomes addicted. Livingstone tells that
people who are gamblers addicted, their branin contain a chmical that push them
to gamble. This habit is hard to control. The things that can help to control
these situation will be supportive crisis’s programs. Gambling has many bad
results on people’s life, but it can be resolve if people work on it.

There are differences between Bachmann, Nakken, Anonymous, and Livingstone on gambling . The characteristics of the casinos are that they
make people to play with few amount of money, but then people become addicted
and lose a lot of money. First, casino makes people want to gamble once they go
inside the casino. According to the author, says that when “Got to casinos, her
gambling habits took over all the most as soon as she walked in” ( Duhigg 262).
This is important because it shows how Bachmann gets easily addicted to
gambling. Second, people choose to be addicted to gambling. Nakken “Choose that
form of addiction” (17). This shows that people chooses to be addicted to
gambling.  Third, people who gamble, the
money is nothing because their brain focuses on gambling. “It was nothing for
him to place a $100 wager, or $500,” and he
started playing poker for money at about age 12. He wasn’t addicted,
but over the time he becomes addicted. (Suwansk n.p).
This shows that he starts playing with more than $100, and then he became
addicted because he play for more hours.  Bachmann, Nakken , and Anonymous chooses to be
addicted to gambling, but they are different in reasons that lead them to be
addicted. The differences between Bachmann , 
Nakken, Anonymous, and Livingstone  is that they become addicted to gambling in
different ways. For example, Bachmann wasn’t the member of casino and wasn’t
addicted to gambling, but over time he becomes addicted to gambling. Nakken
choses to be addicted to gambling. 
Anonymous was a member of casino and start playing with little money
because 100 sound a little money for him. In addition, people who are gamblers addicts,
casino controls their brain and make their brain want to gamble. “And it’s
that anticipatory pleasure pathway which goes into overdrive when we gamble. It
can lead us to a place that addicts call “the zone”, where even
winning the jackpot is a distraction from the game” Gambling addiction:
Enter the ‘zone’ where winning is a distraction”( Suwanski n.p).
This is important because it shows that the machines in casinos grabbed
people’s attention and want to play for everyday and more hours. In fact, the
differences between them are to show how they become addicted in many ways.

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Gambling has many bad effects on Bachmann, Nakken, Anonymous, and Livingstone’s life. The characteristics of gambling is it attract people’s
attention. First, Vegas is the famous place where people go to gamble. Bachmann
“Went to Vegas with $100,000 in her bag and came home with nothing” (Duhigg
262). This shows that when Bachmann went to Vegas, she had money in her bag,
and she doesn’t have money because she gambles. Second, people who are addicted
to gambling forget their pain when they go to casinos. Nakken  “Felt no pain as long as she was in
casino” (5). This shows that Nakken is addicted to play in casino. This
is important because Nakeen is referring to Bachmann, Anonymous, and Livingstone that casinos are the best place to feel comfortable and
happy.  Third, people who gamble, the
chance is to lose a big amount of money. Anonymous, “Turned to bookmaking
and lost $50,000 on the outcome of the Super Bowl” (Suwansk  n,p). To clarify, Anonymous lost lots of
money on gambling. These are important because they show how the gambling
affects Bachmann and Anonymous, as a result, they end up losing lots of money. In
addition, Nakeen is referring to Bachmann, Anonymous, and Livingstone that gambling takes few money, some money, and lots of money.
Gambling affects people in bad ways, which makes them addicted easily. In fact, gambling controlled Bachmann, Anonymous, Nakkens,
and Livingstone’s mind, so psychologically harmed their bran. The
argument of how a gambling harmed people is effective.  In addition, people who are
addicted to gambling, their brain considers gambling as reward.  brain consider the gambling as a “The
brain’s method of producing these rewards has a lot to do with two well-known
forms of psychological conditioning, and gambling machines wrap together both
types of conditioning: they offer rewards at unpredictable intervals, and they
pair those rewards with encouraging noises” (“Gambling addiction:
Enter the ‘zone’ where winning is a distraction” (n.p). This is why they
have been called as addicted to gambling because their brain considers gambling
as a reward to get refreshed. Gambling affects people in bad ways, which makes
them addicted easily.

There is a solution to those who are addiction to
gambling. First, the problem has been resolved because once people become
conscious about their mistake, they will resolve it. .Duhigg says that “You must
consciously accept the hard work of identifying” and ” You must know
you have control and be self-conscious enough to use it” (270). This is
important because once people have self-conscious on how gambling is bad, they
will come up with some solution to resolve the problem. Second, working on
problem, is a good thing to resolve it. Nakken says that, “Switching from
object to object helps create the illusion that the problem has been taken care
of” (16). This is basically about being awareness of problem and working
on how to resolve it.  Third, when people
realize their bad habit, they will work on how to resolve it. Anonymous says
that “Gambling reaches the problem stage when it becomes something you
have to have” (n.p). This is important because when people like Anonymous
realize that gambling is a bad habit, then they will figure out how to resolve
it. It takes time to resolve it, but it is better when people become awareness
of the problem. It needs to spend some effort to find the solution on not being
addicted. In addition, people who face these problems will look on programs
that help to solve the gambling addicted problem. “Help for individuals
are available through crisis support bodies” (“Gambling addiction:
Enter the ‘zone’ where winning is a distraction” n.p). Crisis support is
to protect people who are considered as gamblers addicted.  Being aware of the problem is such an
important step for the solution that can resolve the problem of those who are
addicted to gambling.

In conclusion, Bachmann, Nakken , Anonymous, and Livingstone share the differences in the way that lead them to
gamble, how gambling affect them to be addicted on gambling, but being aware
that gambling is a bad habit, this can resolve the problem.  The contrasts between them are to indicate
how they end up noticeably dependent in numerous ways. Gambling affects
individuals in terrible ways, which makes them dependent easily. When people
are aware of how gambling is bad, they are more welcome to resolve this
problem. In my opinion, gambling can be dangerous because it can let to death. 


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