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In developing and least developed
countries, physical and social infrastructure is the primary condition for
further development. To meet the increasing demand, those countries spend
around one-third of public expenditure for construction of different
infrastructure. For example, in Bangladesh the public construction projects
represent a sizable 30% of all public expenditures (Rasul, Rogger, & Litvine, 2016)

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Construction projects are dynamic
in nature and involve high degree of uncertainty (Sambasivan & Soon, 2007). For its nature, time overrun and
cost overrun of public sector construction projects are found almost everywhere. However, these problems are severe
in developing countries (Wanjari & Dobariya, 2016). The effect of time overrun and
cost overrun causes a serious problem in service delivery as well as the
economic development of those country (Rasul et al., 2016).


research in this regard examines many causes for time overruns and cost
overruns. Most of the study have been indicating managerial, financial,
bureaucratic and external issues behind time and cost overrun. (Mohammad Saiful Islam, Bambang
Trigunarsyah, Mohammad Hassanain, 2015), identifies 73 causes of eight categories for time overrun and
cost overrun in large scale construction projects in Saudi Arabia. The authors
pointed out managerial, financial and external factors. (Mohammad Saiful Islam, Bambang
Trigunarsyah, Mohammad Hassanain, 2015) in their study focused on the time overrun of large
construction projects in Bangladesh. They found 79 factors that causes time
overrun which are related to managerial and financial issues.


Taking a sample of over 1200 different construction projects in Bangladesh from
2003 to 2013, (Rasul et al., 2016) found that 23% of projects deviated from planned complete date,
and 77% deviated from their first approved cost. However, this research intensively
discuss on the overall bureaucratic efficiency in project implementation.


infrastructure sector is quite wide and water sector is an important part which
spend large allocation of annual budget. In Bangladesh, the expenditure for
water resource infrastructure project is around eight percent which is second
highest of total infrastructure projects expenditure (Rasul et al., 2016).    


is one of the most flood and river erosion prone country (Das Gupta, Babel, Albert, &
Mark, 2005).
To protect the lives and resources government initiate many infrastructure
projects. But failure in timely completion of projects create more sufferings
and loss of wealth. So, finding the causes of and solution for time overrun and
cost overrun of project in water sector is very important. But there is very
few literatures are available on this issue. This research is an attempt to
identify the causes of the time and cost overrun of water sector construction


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