Sioux would carry all the supplies to

Sioux Tribes The Sioux was a nation composed of many different tribes. The three major divisions of the Sioux are Western Dakota, Eastern Dakota, and the Lakota. These tribes were nomads, so they moved from place to place in search of resources, but most of them lived in South Dakota. They traveled all over the plains. Most of them which are now the states of South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin. The Sioux believed that their people should do the jobs they can do best. Usually only males could become Sioux chiefs, but both men and women took part in other jobs. Women would own the home and would carry all the supplies to build their homes whenever they traveled, and were in charge of building their families house. All sioux men and women knew how to defend themselves but did not focus their life on fighting others. So some of their men were warriors, while others focused on hunting, storytelling, comedy, and recordings. The women would be in charge of the camp, home and kids. They would cook, clean, make baskets, make clothes, and take care of building their homes. The children would have more chores to do and less time to play, but they did own dolls, toys, and played many of their own games. The Sioux tribes believed there was a spirit in everything. They thought that humans, animals and plants all came from the source of Mother Earth. They believed every creature had its own spirit this spirit was call the “Wakan”, which came from one universal source the “Wakan Tanka” or “the Great Spirit.” The “Wakan Tanka” had assistance from invisible beings called the “wakanpi.” These spirits had to be kept happy as they controlled every aspect of life. Holy men and women would communicate with the spirits through shamanic practices. They also did rituals and displayed dance ceremonies. The Sioux people lived mostly a normal indian life. Cited Sources


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