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Hon English 10

17 December 2017

Humility Extended Definition

Humility is a word that is often heard but not fully
understood by many. There are many different views that people have on
humility, some true and some false. One false and negative aspect of humility
that people believe is that to be humble you must never show your talents or
skills. Another falsity being people thinking that you must lower your esteem
to be humble. However, humility is not defined that way. To be humble it
requires more than just believing you are not the best, or not bringing the spotlight
onto yourself. Humility is a virtue that is exhibited through acceptance,
selflessness, and curiosity.

Humility is a principle that is demonstrated through
acceptance. Acceptance can be its own form of humility by accepting advice or
knowledge from others. People might believe that they are flawless, but at one
point and time, every person makes mistakes, “We think we’re smarter than we
really are. We think we’re better than we really are. And we think we’re
morally superior than we really are. Humility helps curb this never-ending
over-confidence” (Handel). After realizing one’s self is never perfect
acceptance is there to fill that false sense of total confidence with humility.
Not just accepting yourself for how you are, but also accepting what other people
give you makes one more humble. Instead of allowing pride to take over and
reject something that can better you, accept, and evaluate it. In some ways,
you clear space for more knowledge by ridding yourself of your own
conceitedness. In a more basic sense, most people are scared to welcome changes
because of pride, the opposite of humility.  

In the same way that acceptance represents humility, being
curious exhibits how a person is humble and not knowledgeable of everything.
People perceive those who are curious to be humble, and not the opposite of it.
The opposite being arrogance, is when a person believes he or she knows or has
everything they need and holds themselves in an unquestionable high regard. Humble
people portray curiosity because they know “Every person that you meet knows
something you don’t; learn from them.” (Brown)  To be humble is to
recognize that you do not know everything, and to demonstrate this to others
one must ask questions. Actively seeking out more is a credit to one’s

Humility is a value that is manifested through selflessness. In
coordination with an above statement of not having to hinder or hide ones
attributes to be humble, humility is shown through the act of sharing as well. The
only thing that can take away from being humble during this act of selflessness
would be gloating or some other form of arrogance to show off. Therefore, even
if no one sees what you have contributed being content without heaps of praise
makes one humble as well. This act represents selflessness as the contributor
isn’t thinking of one’s self  “Humility is not about thinking less of
yourself”, as the British writer C.S. Lewis once put it, “but thinking of
yourself less”. (Kubicek, 2015) Instead, they are thinking of whom they are

Spencer W. Kimball writes, “Humility is royalty without a
crown” and “Humility is greatness in plain clothes”, which really gives
perspective on the word, humility. These quotes show how a person can still be
great and humble at the same time. Humility is all about how you balance your
greatness with how much you show it off.  Accepting your own place in the
world, along with giving what you can based on your place, and being content
with what you are capable of are keys of humility


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