It yourself to a daily yoga practice

It may well
be one of the most popular yoga hashtags in social media- #yogaeveryday. Eastern and Western medical experts and health
practitioners alike have come to agree that indeed, dedicating yourself to a daily
yoga practice has significant benefits on a physical, emotional and spiritual
level. Besides working up a sweat and discovering how to twist your body into
pretzel-like shapes, yoga offers a plethora of lessons that can be directly
integrated into our everyday lives with great benefits.


The gift of space:

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‘I don’t
have time for yoga’ is a common perception in a modern society that has come to
glorify the concept of having a busy and hectic lifestyle. A daily yoga
practice needn’t look like a full 90-minute class. A daily yoga practice may
look like 30 minutes one day, a ten-minute meditation another day and perhaps
45 minutes of flow and breath work the next. The duration of time is less
important than the dedication to showing up. Yoga in fact gifts you time and
space- time and space for yourself, and time and space to be more present with
the people in your life. A daily practice opens up a sensation of spaciousness,
and this spaciousness expands in direct correlation to your ability to show up
to your practice.


The gift of self-care:


No matter
what we have going on in our lives, the need to take care of ourselves is non-negotiable.
Dedicating time to a daily practice is an offering to yourself and a clear
statement that says ‘I am worthy.’ Your yoga practice isn’t selfish; it isn’t
any less important that the other dozen things on your to-do list. In fact,
taking time to nurture and nourish yourself ensures you have the energy and
mindset to tackle whatever may show up in your world. Filling up your own cup,
your own love tank, is essential to being able to show up for the other people
and commitments in your life.


The gift of presence:


We tend to
move through our days on auto piolet, always one step in the future or looking
back into the past, instead of really being firmly grounded in the here and
now. Yoga is one of the most powerful ways to literally pull yourself into the
present moment. Here, you find your breath, you find stillness, you find
surrender, you find clarity and you find yourself. Stepping onto your mat is
almost like stepping into the eye of the storm- a place where no matter what
may be whirling about outside of you, you find a place of peace and gratitude
for the simplicity of the present moment.


The gift of movement:


On a
physical level, yoga does indeed offer a plethora of benefits for the body.
From assisting digestion, increasing strength and flexibility, toning muscles,
creating limber joints, supporting spinal health and alleviating pain, yoga has
been proven to be a tremendous tool both for healing and prevention. Keeping
the body mobile is becoming even more important in a society that is
increasingly dominated by a sedentary lifestyle. Movement can also help to
boost endorphins and uplift our mood. A ‘yoga high’ is a real occurrence that
you find through your daily practice.


The gift of grounding:


Yoga has
the magical ability to lift us up, and also ground us down. Yoga connects us to
primal elements within us, rooting us to the earth and to our bodies in an
empowering way. When we feel grounded, we can move through life with clarity
and purpose. We can make decisions with ease, and we can connect with our ‘gut
feeling’ or our intuition. A daily practice maintains this connection, this
strength and this resolution to walk your chosen path with dedication.


The gift of inspiration:


There is an
inherent beauty in the practice of yoga. It has a softness and grace and offers
a journey through which we discover new things about ourselves and the world
around us.  Yoga inspires us to be better
people, to follow the things that set our hearts on fire, and to be the change
we wish to see in the world. Yoga develops connection, reminding us of our
common nature and that we are indeed all connected. Whether we are in a yoga
studio or in our own home, the power of the practice moves beyond borders and
creates a community. Yoga permeates our existence in the most beautiful of ways
and reminds us of our infinite potential.





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