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In 1985 North Korea became apart of the Nuclear Non-Profilibtil treaty which is a treaty that tries to prevent the spread and creation of nuclear weapons. The NPT seeks to promote peaceful cooperation for the uses of nuclear energy.  On the 10th of January 2003, North Korea reported their withdrawal from the Nuclear Non-Profilibtil treaty, effective immediately.  North Korea blames the United States of America for their resignation claiming that there are the ones who caused aggression. With this being said, North Korea and the United States signed an agreement that pledges North Korea to freeze and eventually dismantle their nuclear weapons in exchange for international aid. After all of this, the United States of America finds out North Korea has been violating their agreement and has been creating nuclear weapons all along. Since 1994 the United Nations has been trying to get North Korea under control. With North Korea being apart of the United Nations, North Korea has been breaking multiple international laws. This needs to be addressed immediately.Bolivia is a country South America and has been apart of the NPT since 1970 and also has been apart of the treaty to Tlatelolco which is the prohibition against nuclear weapons, Bolivia has never attempted to disrupt, dispute or undermine any of these agreements. Bolivia recognizes the issues that North Korea has been causing and understands that this needs to be addressed immediately. With the tension between the United States of America and North Korea, we must all work together as a team and take action. The security council has decided to toughen sanctions against North Korea and has suggested resolution 2371, which is a resolution that doesn’t let North Korea supply, sell or transfer coal, iron, iron ore, seafood or lead to any other countries.As a member of the UN security council, we have a decision to vote in favour of the resolution. Bolivia would like to help the concerned parties and demand talks with North Korea, with having the least possible impact on the human population. Bolivia has suggested all parties to rule out any military type of solution because the primary concern is the safety of humankind. Bolivia is trying to avoid any escalation that would put international peace at risk.  Bolivia President Evo Morales spoke on this highly concerning the issue and said “Whoever supports capitalism supports war, war aids capitalism. That is the philosophy of death and destruction.” Morales concluded. With President Morales speaking out on this issue he also states how the President of the United States is acting foolishly and like a child regarding his twitter. The president of Bolivia makes it clear, that if we were to have nuclear warfare, it would not only affect the countries involved, but it will destroy the human race. It is time to take these matters seriously and condemn any atomic warfare.


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