However means that Brenda has more control

However in the case of Brenda grey, a different scale
of support is needed. She will not be required to have as much support as
Nusrat does, this is due to Brenda being a lot older than Nusrat and not having
the added complication of learning difficulties or uncontrollable epilepsy.
Brenda is able to make her own objective decisions, not necessarily just about
her care but about her own independent requirements. This is possible as she has
more independence for herself in general as she lives alone, whereas Nusrat is
required to be attended to all of the time by her carers. This means that
Brenda has more control over the events that happen in her life, whereas Nusrat
needs assistance in making these decisions possibly through the help of an
advocate. Brenda would be classed as being a lot less vulnerable and less
easily influenced, resulting in Brenda being more likely to be independent of
her carers and not relying on them from day-to-day, however in contrast to
this, she may become more dependent on the carers due to the many professionals
working within her multi-disciplinary team and rely on them to make decisions
about her care for her. In order to overcome this issue, the carers allocated
to Brenda may only make vital decisions about her care, for instance things
that may affect her health. This may in addition promote her resilience and
make Brenda become more autonomous as she will have to become more independent
when making crucial decisions about her life and care. As Brenda suffers from
mental health issues, the triangle of care may be applied to her case. This is
a three-way partnership between the service user, the service provider and the
carer which allows each individual to contribute their own views and decisions
that will influence the care and treatments that are provided for Brenda. It
will allow for each person to share information and from a trusting
relationship between the service provider and the service user, but also will
improve the wellbeing of the carers as they will feel valued and included in
the decisions made for Brenda, as they are as much a part of the care plan for


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