Hitler he showed as he showed signs

Hitler is an influential person because of his charismatic leadership ability, his motives for dictatorship and his ability to gain ones trust.  It is evident that Hitler had charismatic leadership ability because he was able to twist his words and manipulate the minds of people. Hitler’s leadership skills empowered the morale of the German people with his unique style of speaking to the masses. Hitler’s unique style of speaking shook the people of Germany. It was described as mesmerizing; as when Hitler spoke his voice was hexing, overwhelmingly powerful and captivating to listeners. Hitler also employed the use of hand gestures and body language to convey different moods on to his audience such as different facial expressions, finger snapping and raising his hand in the air; so that every word he said would find its mark on his audience. When Hitler spoke he would have begun his speeches, by not speaking at all for around 20–30 seconds to create tension and settle the crowd down, slowly Hitler would starting going into his speech in a but choosing his words very carefully and in a somewhat timid like manner. And within 3-5 minutes into his speech, after analyzing the crowd and waiting for the right moment he would raise the volume of his voice while at the same time being very mindful of the feedback he is receiving. Once Hitler feels that he has establish a strong presence with the crowd, he would drive his momentum forward electrifying the crowd orating skills with an increased paste and tone. Hitler found no appeal in democracy as due to the ultimatums and natures of democracy he believes that it’s limiting the development of a country and believed that it too slow paste. “democracy will in practice lead to the destruction of a people’s true values. And this also serves to explain how it is that people with a great past from the time when they surrender themselves to the unlimited, democratic rule of the masses slowly lose their former position; for the outstanding achievements of individuals…are now rendered practically ineffective through the oppression of mere numbers”. (Rauschning 785) Hitler was also aware that he didn’t live a long life as he showed as he showed signs of Parkinson disease and took pills on a daily to treat his chronic stomach problems.  His motives for dictatorship were to reform Germany back to its former glory and to make Germany a force to be reckoned with. After the first world Germany surrendered and the allies imposed the Treaty of Versailles onto Germany which limited Germany and made a took huge toll on Germany’s already struggling economy. Hitler knew that he needed absolute power to make his vision a reality, by ensuring to weed out his oppositions and all those who would impose a threat on his vision.    Throughout history Hitler demonstrated a remarkable ability in gaining ones trust. Hitler had an outstanding skill for being able to intuit the mood and feelings of others, he knew how to use to use those observations to manipulate people for his own benefits. Hitler’s made his strongest appeals to target the fear of the people of Germany, he emphasized the terrible state that Germany and it’s people are facing. Hitler acted as the people’s guiding saying things what the people would want to hear and he would gathered people in halls an arenas; as he knew in crowded place filled with a ton people, people are less likely to against his will, they would be more anxious, more prone to suggestions and they would lose their individuality.   Hitler also realized the importance of propaganda, he knew that its human nature to want to oppose the majority but at the same time as its also human nature to want to be the majority. Since to control everyone you would need to acknowledge that rebellion is not possible without the use of propaganda. So when creating propaganda, in a sense Hitler was creating his own rebellion to give the people with a rebellious nature the illusion of control. By doing that Hitler is secretly controling both sides by creating an artificial war that hides his real intent.


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