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Digestive enzymes and putting on muscle mass

Every fitness lover is careful to eat right as exercise and diet go together.  But not many know that digestive enzymes play a critical role in making the nutrients in the food actually count. Learn more.

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Digestive enzymes speed up the digestion and absorption of food in the body by breaking it into usable components. There are many types of enzymes but we are concerned about those that are critical for fitness and muscle gain. Building muscles requires three important nutrients: proteins and carbohydrates,or fat. Proteins helps to repair muscles after exercise, while carbohydrates and fats infuse the muscles with energy.

Digestive enzymes proteases, amylase,  and lipase breakdown protein, carbohydrates and fats respectively.  These enzymes are produced in the body but can also be found in foods or supplements. Protein is broken down into amino acids  and absorbed in the muscles to help in repair and growth. Amylase splits carbohydrates into glucose and glycogen. Glucose powers the body during workout. Glycogen is stored in the muscles to give them form and shape. Some people like to substitute carbohydrates with fat for energy. Lipase breaksdown fats into fatty acids which are further broken down in the liver to ketones that can be used as energy.

Digestion of proteins is most difficult. The body takes 3-5 hours to digest proteins. What remains undigested becomes waste and expelled from the body. It is very important for proteases to work to their fullest potential. This can be done by not taking water with meals or anti acids.  Proteases works best in acidic environment and anti acids and water act to neutralise.

So it’s not only  good to eat enough of proteins and carbohydrates,  but more importantly how much is actually absorbed.  When nutrients are digested and absorbed that is when we get their  full benefits like putting on muscle mass.



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