Dear bad too.Why do kids have no

Dear bully,You control me and have infected my brain. You make me feel so little. I start to believe that I’m the one to blameAs if it’s my fault things have turned out this wayI just can’t do it anymore.I’m going insane.I’m serious. I’m done.I’m tired of always being the culprit to what you call fun.I cannot take it anymore.I hope you’re happy now…You’ve won.You’ve won control over me and my life.You’ve won my happiness.I give it all to you.You will forever change who I was meant to be.I just don’t know what I did to deserve all this.Why do you feel the need to  shame me in front of everybody?Is it to make me feel bad?Because if it then it’s too late I already hate myself.I already cry myself to sleep.I already question whether or not I’m a good person.Thanks to you I no longer feel safe at school.As I walk the hallway I can feel my heart pounding.You made it clear that I don’t belong in this place.I  go to school terrified not knowing what’s going to come my way.I ask myself if today is the day where I will get pushed or if it’s the day I get screamed at.I live each and everyday terrified, and that’s all because of you.How messed up can you be to still think of yourself as wonderful.You’re driven but your motives are pure negativity and hate.Everybody sits back and watches.They go along with it.They are all just as bad too.Why do kids have no remorse for what pain they have caused. Your words are not just the bruises on my skinThey cut deep.They are tears the drip on my pillow at night.They fill my mind and reoccur in my sleep.They are my reasons to my anxiety.I start walking with my head down.I’m nervous, flinching when anyone’s around.I’m too scared to raise my voice.Because I know that will lead to trouble.I can’t remember the last time I laughed or was even happy.I got used to feeling like I was nothing because I was treated that way.I just feel empty.Why?What happened to you that made you find happiness making me cry?Because of people like you innocent people have died.They feel like there’s no way out of the pain other than suicide.Do you get some pleasure out of that? Does it make you feel good knowing your actions are literally destroying lives?I’m sorry for the people who get pushed and shoved.I’m sorry for the people that constantly get pushed down.I’m sorry for the people that feel like they’re not enough.I’m sorry for the people who feels like they have no voice.I’m sorry for the people who despite their problems, they force themselves to go to school.I have to realize and repeat to myself over and over, “don’t give up”Please don’t give up. Live to see a brighter day.


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