As User acceptance stage several employees are

the world become fast moving global village new technology has been applied the
industries to increase the profit and to keep balance demand and the supply.
 Information technology plays a big role and using information technology,
businesses have the ability to view changes in the global markets far faster
than they usually do. Therefore
the competition between IT companies are high and should have intelligent and
competitive employees with up to date with the technology which rapidly change.

delivering process is a very vague and methodological. IT people in higher
education sit at an interesting juncture. They continue dedicating themselves
to support and delivery of services that have seemingly always been there. According
to the system complexity it takes more time to implement as expected.

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selected Company is a one of well reputed company in Srilanka IT industry and
it is a leading worldwide provider of information technology (IT) consulting
and outsourcing services. We help accelerate business outcomes for Global 2000
businesses in banking and financial services, insurance, healthcare,
telecommunications and media, And Focusing on application development, support
and systems integration across the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, SharePoint and .NET
services suites. It
delivers targeted business outcomes through differentiated solutions by leveraging
its proven platforming methodology, domain expertise and technology innovation.

the past two years of the company we can noticed employee turnover rate is very
high (3/4 person per week ) and company faced a layoff. Software implementation
process is a team work no one can do all the processes idly. From design phase
to User acceptance stage several employees are involve with the process. If the
turnover rate is high and leave more people in one project will be a very risk.
Company can recruits new employees they might have the technical knowledge but
they do not have the domain related knowledge so the company should provide
more trainings and it will be take more time and cost. A layoff introduces a
missing link in the team, which affects the organization in several ways. 


a high turnover rate or losing valuable employees to other competitors will
bring risk to the IT companies as negative rumors will be spread up in public
in terms of the reliability and continuity of the company. Thus, it is
significant for the ABC company to look for individuals who are really
committed and able to work at their best potential.

there are employees who are not going anywhere even company layoff .The
research is focused on them and their organizational behavior. Employee loyalty
can be defined as a psychological attachment or commitment to the organization
and develops as a result of increased satisfaction. Satisfaction results from a
process of internal evaluation, and if an employee’s expectation level is met
or exceeded, then satisfaction grows. Employee loyalty then develops into a
generalized emotional attitude towards the organization. In other words, the
more satisfied an employee is regarding his working environment, the more likely
that he develops a sense of commitment towards the organization in general.

there is a trend towards globalization and liberalization. In such an
environment, employees are becoming the competitive advantage an organization.
An organization may manage with employees with average caliber, but competent
employees can take an average organization to greater heights. Likewise,
average employees can cause the downfall of a flourishing organization. In the
present day market situation which is full of competition, having capable
employees and developing employees’ loyalty becomes increasingly important and
a continuing challenge for the organization.

the present environment, it becomes a necessity for the organization to have a
strategy for retaining their key experts and crucial skilled employees. Employees’
loyalty makes the employees committed to their work. They hold a strong sense
of duty towards their work, and place intrinsic value on work. Employee
attitudes towards the organization then give rise to the behavioral component
of loyalty. An employee who has developed affection to the organization is more
likely to demonstrate loyal behaviors and work towards the overall goals of the
organization, such as improved productivity, greater efficiency, and a
high-quality service orientation to customers. Past researches
had been made numerous of studies on the effects of organizational commitment
towards OCB. The research conclusion conducted by Aslam (2012) was that OCB and
organizational commitment are both positively related to each other. Employees
who seem to be more satisfied and dedicated to their job with the firm will
show more OCB. According to the study of Yilmaz and Cokluk-Bokeoglu (2008),
researches in Turkey had been aiming to determine the correlation between OCB
and organizational commitment. The studies were mainly carried out in business
enterprise level but not in IT organizations. 






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