Patients and methods In prosp??tive study we investigated 20 patiens (mean age was 25±64 years) suffering from CG. In those patients were CG diagnosed before the pregnancy and were followed during pregnancy, delivery and puerperium. Renal biopsy was performed in 11 patients before the beginning of pregnancy (2 patiens suffered from intracapillary minimal changes nephropathy, 8 patiens suffered from mesangioroliferative CG and 2 of them simultaneously suffered from chronic tubulointerstitial nephritis and next one suffered from membranoproliferative CG with nephrotic syndrome). Simultaneous tubulointerstitial nephritis was diagnosed in one woman using renal biopsy and in the s??ond one by renal functional tests during acute renal failure caused by significant urinary E.coli inf??tion. Syndrome Alport was on CG in 4 patients.Patients were investigated by nephrologist and by obstetrician every month during the pregnancy, and after the delivery in puerperium. Renal functional tests were investigated 1-3 months before the conception, in the s??ond and third trimester of pregnancy and at the end of puerperium. Glomerular filtration rate was estimated from creatinine clearance and proteinuria was determined by photometric method using Biuret reagent. Statistical analysis of the obtained results was performed using Excell 2016. 2.2. Results and DiscussionRenal functional tests did not significantly change during the pregnancy in 15 patients. In 4 patients suffered from syndrome Alport on chronic glomerulonephritis blood pressure, proteinuria and seum uric acid transitory significantly increased in the third trimester of pregnancy. The patients suffered from acute renal failure during the first three months of pregnancy caused by significant urinary E.coli inf??tion was successfully treated by conservative and antibiotic treatment. Spontaneous abortus occurred in one woman without severe haemorrhage in the s??ond trimester of pregnancy. Spontaneous delivery was observed in 15 patiens.


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