200 but you know what we need

200 000 Canadian homeless each year, imagine you being one of those people,cold,hungry,scared, depressed, sleeping on the cold disgusting ground, with everyone looking at you and not doing anything to help. We MUST give to the homeless to help humanity. I will prove this by showing you how and where you can donate and you know what we but some stupid stuff that we do not need, instead we can be good people and give it to people who need it. I get it you don’t want to give homeless people money because you think they will spend it on drugs or alcohol, but you know what we need to talk that chance because that few dollars can buy them a meal. Think about this way if all of canada would give 1$ to a homeless person that would be more than $36 000 000.I am caroline ryan and i was homeless 2 times in my life because of a mental illness. The i was 23 the first time and 30 the second time, both times it happened because of mental health problems. The first time i left my job because i was not mentally ok. I went to go live with my parents, but they got sick of me being there so they kicked me out, and then i went to live at my friends house. I had a panic attack one night and they said a sentence that i will never forget “we love you but you’re starting to drive us mad.” that’s when i started roaming the streets. The second time was similar to the first time, i was working at a shop but ended up qiuting, i had no money and no rent to pay. I applied for benefits but that money was sent to the wrong account. Then could not afford to pay rent and i had to leave. These were the worst time of my life. You know what, we buy a lot of stuff we do not need, instead we could give it to a homeless person. Some people drink as many as 5 coffees a day (cough cough) Mrs. Hodgins. You  do NOT need 5 coffees a day, at the most you need 3. Think about it this way 5 coffees could cost as much as $25 give $10 of that to a homeless person, and you would have 3 coffees. Just a little thing like this can give a homeless person a few meals.People need to donate money to homeless charities to get these people back on their feet. According to nchv.org about 45% of homeless people are veterans, it is because of those people we live in such a good country. I know you think all the homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol, but that is not true because the most common problems for homeless is depression, family problems, and abuse. These are the big reasons for people being homeless. Notice how drugs and alcohol are not in that list, it’s because only a little % of homeless people are addicted to drugs and alcohol.We get to eat whatever we want whenever we want, but these people have to eat disgusting canned food from food banks. That food is the most plan, slimy, nasty food you will ever eat, yet these people have to eat it every single day. To show you how bad this food is some homeless people would rather starve than eat that food, still think that food is not that? This is some food that we eat on a daily basis, and this is some food homeless people have to eat.  In conclusion I hope you learned a lot about homeless people, and how we need to stop buying dumb stuff and donate that money to the homeless. If you donate a few dollars you can change someone’s life. Please after listening to my speech realize that homeless people are not bad people, they just the same as you.


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